How To Lose Beer Belly

Published: 10th February 2011
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It is not attractive to lose beer belly. Most people are embarrassed that they have beer belly and they do not want to show it to the public. I am going to teach you how to lose your beer belly in this article so read on.

Your beer belly is caused by the alcohol which is calorie dense. There are 7 grams of calories in alcohol. This means that alcohol is twice as fattening as carbohydrates and protein.

Research had also shown that drinking alcoholic drinks before meals can increase your food consumption. It is hard to know how full you are when you are drunk.

Drinking alcohol can also cause a dip in your testosterone level. Lower testosterone level is the reason why people who drink have less muscles than people who don't. If you have less muscles, your metabolism rate is lower and you will burn lesser calories. A high metabolism rate can help to burn more fat and calories and keep your beer belly away.

1) Trash Your Beer

If you want to lose beer belly, you need to first stop drinking alcoholic drinks. It is hard to avoid beer completely if you do not have a replacement for it. Replace them with coffee, fruit juice or water. Whenever you feel like drinking, grab these healthier choices instead.

If it is difficult for you to stop drinking in one shot, try to cut down your intake in stages. If you drink daily, you can start a habit to drink every 2 days instead. Slowly, you can further out the days that you will drink and subsequently you can get rid of alcohol altogether.

2) Choose healthy foods

Avoid eating foods that are packaged in a box. Foods that are packaged in a box are usually highly processed and they can easily lead to weight gain. Cereals and biscuits are some examples of processed food and they digest quickly in our body. This will cause you to experience a wild fluctuation in your blood sugar.

This is when you start to get cravings and hungry for food. You tend to eat more when you are in this state. Eat natural produce instead. These include vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and meat.

3) Eat regularly

Don't try to starve away your beer belly as it is not the correct way to do so. To get rid of your beer belly, it is recommended that you eat more small meals everyday. Eating regular small meals can boost your metabolism rate, hence increasing the amount of fat and calories burned.

4) Ramp up your exercise schedule

It can be hard to exercise for an hour but exercising for 10 minutes a day can be easy. If you are lazy or procrastinate about exercising, I have a trick that can help you to start exercising.

When I tend to procrastinate about exercising, I get my timer, set it to 10 minutes and just start exercising right away. You don't need to work out in the gym, doing body weight exercises at home works fine too.

It is much easier to start exercising when it is only 10 minutes. The results won't be significant when you are exercising for only 10 minutes a day, but it can help you to create a good habit and gather momentum.

Next, discover how to lose your beer belly using a simple step by step guide. You can discover more in the site Eliminate belly fats.

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